We help differentiate products by integrating how-to information with real world benefit examples, such as practice reference guides that apply published clinical studies to system features, helping leverage the medical value; and reports interpretation guides that illustrate how healthcare professionals can use reports to increase clinical efficacy and reduce time spent in patient visits.
Time and information are in constant conflict, and we value the time of both our clients and their target audience—whether they’re internal teams, consumers, patients or healthcare professionals. We collaborate with client teams to balance the essential content and the format needed to ensure that people read the material. Clinical study overviews, also referred to as “fact sheets”, are attractive A4 flyers that summarize the methodology and findings from one or more published studies to present key takeaways. Sales representatives can use these overviews to reinforce the medical value of a product or system.
Sometimes step-by-step information offers the best format to guide users through a process or task. We use high-quality images and clear, concise text to enhance ease of use and simplify the localization and translation process. As a fundamental part of the design cycle, our writers become familiar with our client’s products and goals to make sure the steps are clear and the details are exact.
We specialize in absorbing large quantities of source material, making sense of the data and producing clear, effective documentation. Our experience in the medical device sector and collaboration with corporate teams has grown our ability to organize, filter and isolate the details you need to communicate. In a recent portfolio example, our team applied the communication interface guidelines for a large healthcare alliance to four medical devices to assist third-party developers.
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